Coby has already become the most popular mid brand category of audio/video products in the market today taking over all other brands that have already been in the market for more than 15 years. Products include LCD TVs, Portable DVD players with screen, DVD players, Digital Photo Frame, MP3/CD Players, Alarm Clocks, AM/FM Radios, Speaker Systems, Headphones & earphones, adapters, FM transmitters, and even Netbooks and Internet Touch Tablets.

Bell PHones - The telephone brand that are sold in almost all modern channels as well as to most telephone companies in the Philippines.
Caller ID devices and phones, trim line phones, corded desktop phones, and cordless phones.


COBRA Two Way Radio Systems – the best selling two way family radio in the Philippines and the only FRS approved for use in the Philippines.

VTECH Telephone is the world's largest manufacturer of cordless telephones. product ranges from Basic Cordless Phone to Sophisticated Bluetooth enabled cordless phones.

CITIZEN Health Care Products – a top 3 brand in its field, sold in appliance stores, hypermarts, electronic stores and drug store chain.
Portable blood pressure tester, wrist type blood pressure tester, ear thermometer, Oral Thermometer, Nebulizer

Powerbase Rechargeable Batteries - the best selling rechargeable batteries in the market, positioned as low priced product to help introduce rechargeable batteries to the market.
Products includes MiMH rechargeable battery, battery chargers, cordless phone battery, photo battery, specialty batteries, rapid charger, output charger, instant ready to use rechargeable batteries among others.

Camelion Batteries and Flashlights - Aimed to compliment our battery business and retail network expansion, Camelion provides a wide range of batteries and flashlight line.
Product includes rechargeable battery, charger, flashlight, lithium battery, cordless phone batteries.


Greentek Antenna - the only branded TV Antenna in the local market with a full line of Antenna products for Digital and Analog broadcast transmission. Greentek is also The only brand that introduced rotating indoor and outdoor antenna that's controlled remotely.



RCA and Audiovox are positioned to target high end of the market .
Camcorders, DVD Players, MP3/MP4 Players, Boombox, Digital Voice Recorders.

World renowned as one of the leader in communications, Motorola never fails to continuously create amazing and in demand electronic gadgets. The brand offers top of the line DECT Phones, features includes interference free digital technology, selectable ring tones and backlit LCD display, caller ID, answering machine, speakerphone and expandable with additional handsets.
AgfaPhoto - The brand that pioneered modern photography offers a wide range of attractive consumer imaging products. Products include digital cameras and video camcorders.
dns D&S has one of the most complete lines of Cables, Adapters and Connectors for Audio/Video devices, Telephones, Computers and other devices. Product includes RCA, HDMI, USB, DisplayPort, LAN, Coaxial Cables among others.

Manhattan provides a broad selection of high quality accessories, peripherals and cables for all computer needs.


Sentry features a wide variety of different types of promotional and
mid-priced items as well as numerous accessories with outstanding quality and packaging. Some of the products include calculators, headphones, flashlights, audio/video accessories, solar powered devices, clocks, radios, media storage, media cleaners, watches, keychains, speakers, remotes, wireless devices, phone accessories.


Designed for both residential and business purposes, Alcatel corded and cordless telephones provide maximum comfort with easy-to-use interfaces and mobility. From simple and feature rich desktop speakerphones to colorful and stylish designers cordless handsets.


Designed and created by the well-known brand ARCHOS, ARNOVA introduces their fast, reliable yet affordable internet tablets. Intended to enter the battlefield of entry-level to mid-ranged tablets, the brand offers latest Android OS with high-end processors, crystal clear, ultra-responsive multi-touch screen and other supporting hardwares. All ARNOVA tablets features Wi-Fi connectivity, front-facing cameras and microphones for video calls, powerful speakers, and G-sensors for easy shifting from landscape to portrait view, 3G ready capabilities allows connecting to the Internet anytime, anywhere. ARNOVA tablet provides great multimedia experience and offers satisfying performance without sacrificing quality at a great price.


Philips launches their cordless telephones in the Philippines, the 1000 and 2000 series. Packed with the combination of two unique capabilities, "sense and simplicity," by understanding people and technology integration and product design. With clear sound anywhere around the house, conveniences of long talk time with an outstanding range to give hours of interference free conversations.

The world's top-selling swimwear brand, Speedo expanded it's product line from swimwear to comprehensive collection of aquatic fitness equipment and gadgets like the Speedo Aquashot Underwater Camera, Underwater MP3 and Waterproof Speaker Dock, Speedo uses the most advanced materials and designs to allow everyone to reach their goals with speed.


V-COM provides huge variety of high performance computer accessory and cables. From simple USB, PS/2 and RCA cables to 7-port USB powered hub, ADSL splitter and high-end HDMI cables. The brand's product line is sure to suit your cable needs.


Polaroid has dedicated many years to capturing memories, inspiring collaboration and pushing the boundaries of photography and technology, making photo printing as mobile as photo taking, recapturing the magic of instant photography. Using ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging, instantly transform digital pictures into fun, splash-proof and useful, 3x4" photos that can be shared and enjoyed spontaneously and on the go. Mobile and easy-to-use, the Polaroid Digital Cameras provide a new, innovative way to print and share photos instantly.