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Navig8r G-4308

IGO primo version 2.0


Steps to update Navigator using TF/Micro SD card:


These are the steps on how to update the map of navig8r device:

1. Prepare a TF/Micro SD Card 2gb or above.

2. Copy the "gpstest.exe" and "flash folder" to your micro SD card.

3. Turn on your navig8r device and insert your SD card.

4. From the menu of navigator device, select "Navi Path" icon and change the "Navigation path" settings to "SDMMC\GPSTEST.EXE".

5. Go back to main menu and select "Navigation" to start the update.

6. Wait until the "End" message appears. Click "ok" then "close."

7. Go back to the "main menu" and eject TF/Micro SD card from the device.

8. Select "Navi Path" and change again the path setting to its original settings (ResidentFlash\Primo2.exe).

9. Go back to main menu again and select "Navigation" and you will see your map is updated to IGO Primo 2.0 version.





Navig8r G-4301